What Does Your AC System Need?


You know what your children need to be happy and are probably very in touch with what makes you happy. Every human in your life probably gets a high level of thought and care from you, but what about your air conditioning system? Do you know what it needs to keep chugging along happily?

If you have never thought of your AC system in the same regards you would think of another human being or a child that came out of your womb, don’t feel bad. Most people think of their AC system as a big chunk of metal that saves them when the temperature starts soaring outside.

Technically, that is correct. An air conditioning system is nothing at all like a human. If it dies you won’t spent years mourning your loss, though you will spend some time crying as you shell out the money to replace the system or make a very costly repair Second Hand Aircon.

You would be crying even more if you found out that new system or high priced repair would have been completely unnecessary had you just shown more thought and care to your system while it was alive. This is the unfortunate fact for many people who end up purchasing new systems or paying the big bucks for extensive system repairs.

You don’t have to give your AC system the same time you give to your children. There is no need to throw it birthday parties for every year it manages to survive and a pat on the back here and there won’t affect how well it keeps your home cooled.

Yet, there are some forms of TLC that your system will respond to favorably, including:

• Yearly maintenance checks by a professional. Think of it like taking your child to see the pediatrician or family physician once a year.

• Monthly filter changes. Think of it like changing the occasional sheet for a bed wetting child. Nothing too inconvenient, yet entirely necessary.

• Proper changing of parts as needed in time. Think of this like changing feeding your children healthy foods so their body keeps growing as it should.

When parts are fixed as needed you prevent an entire system break down and more costly repairs that come from older parts that were never changed out. You can make sure that the parts are changed when they need to be changed just by having the system checked by a professional once a year.

It is a very simple process:

1. Find a local air conditioning repair service that does maintenance calls.

2. Have them out to look at your system and make sure everything is in working order.

3. Hire them to come back on a routine basis to maintain your system. Get their emergency information so you can call them if something does go wrong with your system.

4. Schedule those routine appointments each year and keep them. Allow for small part changes and system tweaks so you don’t have big breakdowns later on.

5. Change the system filter on a frequent basis. This will usually be monthly, but there are some filters that are designed to last for a few months at a time. Know what you have and change as needed.

The changes occur throughout the year, but the other steps are only done once. You hire a good service and then let them in once a year to check the system and make any needed part corrections. That’s what your AC needs to be happy!

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