Team WoP’s Counter-Strike “Pwnage Guide” Review


The intentionally named “Team WoP’s counter-strike pwnage guide” is just a brand new practitioner Counter-strike guide, developed by Wilson, also referred to as Pig, and Henry, also known as Payne. Two experienced counter strike specialists, who were playing with counterstrike since counter-strike 1.3 (1999.) Several clans asked them sooner to give tips about the best way best to boost the counterstrike skills of other players in the clan, they gave Counter-Strike lessons to those dedicated enough to become better within their own gaming. Pig and Payne managed to get to Cal-main and now they left material for everybody to get csgo prime accounts. Its a excellent course I got my practical five days ago and I am Practicing the material. Lets have a good look at it.

What Can I buy from Team WoP’s Counter-Strike Guide. ?

You will Get: Pig and Paynes shooting methods, tips for all shooting ranges, accuracy and headshot hints, skills to concentrate on, recoil control, spray controller, the complete guide to creating your own clanand burst flame methods, use of vip area on forums.

What can I expect from your movies in Team WoP’s Counter-Strike Guide?

Real techniques from real counterstrike specialists. There is no cheating or hacking involved. The movies is an noted and so that the methods on the videos is not hard to understand, do you know what’s going on every moment and the pictures will be also organized by themes.

The videos is including: Counter-strike along with PC Optimisation lesson, debut into Team WoP’s Video Lessons, the Pig Bursting Techniques, Payne’s Bursting Techniques and recommendations, team WoP’s Awping lesson, and additionally you get all future Videos and videos from the works, (Mastery at Cal, scrims, pistols, etc

What is Cool: The Video lessons and Guide are worth more than 10 hours of 1 on 1 training at Counter-Strike. Team WoP’s Counter-Strike Guide is acutely detailed, covering advanced strategies and expert gaming routines to clinic.

What is not: Beginners have no common counterstrike comprehension like, what guns there come in counter attack. Campers will not find anything for just that purpose.

Verdict: What I like about this is that, the WoP’s counterstrike guide changes your attitude and give you a professional view and feeling for this. I have learned details that makes a difference for me personally. As a guy whit lots of bad gaming customs, I am amazed that there is so many presentations and suggestions on how best to play the ideal way.

Implementing the methods and habits from the videos step by step may make it impossible not to own at counterstrike. Anybody can become a specialist at counter strike, all that is actually needed is attention, the perfect methods, and also a desire to triumph. The techniques in WoP’s counterstrike guide may also be implemented in different games. For so who like video gaming and really wish to improve their counterstrike gambling, to function as the number one player in your clan or server, then Team WoP’s Counter-Strike Guide are the material you want to get your hands on before your competition will.

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